USB-C External Stereo Sound Adapter
  • HI618DB05_合成2020.08.25
An external stereo multi-function sound card that can connect a computer device with a USB-C port to a microphone/4- Pole Headphone/Audio output interface
It can improve the audio quality, and can turn the microphone or audio output off use the panel button.
  • High resolution USB Type-C DAC chip that converts standard resolution audio to superior Lossless audio.
  • The light but rigid PVC case keeps sound stable for a richer, more dynamic performance.
  • The volume of the output audio can be adjusted by the button on the control panel.
  • EQ Mode switch.
  • KC Voice Change.
  • With USB-A(Male) to USB-C(Female) adapter, can work with PC.
Model HI618DB05
Features External Stereo Sound Adapter
Input Port USB Type-C
Output Port 3.5mm phone jack (Mic/4-Pole TRRS/Audio)
USB-C External Stereo Sound Adapter x 1